Invincible Season 2, Episode 7 Review – “I’m Not Going Anywhere”

After a Season of Highs and Lows

Following the standout episode from last week, the latest installment of “I’m Not Going Anywhere” brings Invincible back to its familiar pattern: compelling dramatic scenes interspersed with disconnected ones that struggle to juggle the show’s expansive cast. The penultimate episode of Season 2 puts Mark/Invincible and his girlfriend Amber through the wringer on the way to a violent climax, while also incorporating some touching family moments. However, the hour-long runtime is bogged down by clunky exposition and repetitive drama, preventing it from being completely satisfying.

A Trip to Comic Con

Mark and Amber finally get a break from saving the world, allowing for a lighthearted – albeit slightly awkward – outing to Comic Con. Despite some unresolved issues, they enjoy their time together. However, the episode’s attempt at meta humor falls flat as it transitions a visual gag from the comic page to the screen, resulting in an out-of-place animation style that detracts from the ongoing relationship drama between Mark and Amber.

Whisked Away on Another Adventure

Soon after their Comic Con excursion, Mark finds himself embroiled in yet another superhero escapade, this time alongside his injured comrade Rex Splode. Together, they face off against a Lovecraftian crime boss armed with a machine gun. Despite Rex’s impressive display of power with his new laser cannon arm, his storyline feels somewhat disjointed from the more serious arcs of other characters like Donald and Rick.

While Donald and Rick grapple with their traumas and new metallic bodies, Rex’s journey comes across as tonally different, with a hint of comedic undertone that doesn’t quite align with the rest of the episode’s themes. The uneven treatment of these character arcs adds a layer of inconsistency to the narrative.

Mixed Signals

The episode also struggles with stilted dialogue between characters like Black Samson and Bulletproof, whose interactions feel more like repetitive exposition than meaningful development. This issue is further compounded by the stagnant romantic subplot between Robot and Monster Girl, which fails to progress beyond the same recycled drama week after week.

Reflecting on Family

Amidst the chaos, Mark finds solace in heartfelt moments with his mother Debbie, seeking her wisdom on matters of the heart. Their conversations provide a touching contrast to the superheroic battles, showcasing the importance of family amidst the turmoil.

A Hero’s Dilemma

As the episode reaches its climax, Mark is faced with a moral dilemma when Viltrumite envoy Anissa threatens Amber’s life, pushing him to make a difficult decision. The ensuing standoff between Mark and Anissa escalates into a tense confrontation, highlighting Mark’s growth as a hero torn between his human values and Viltrumite lineage.

Looking Ahead

Despite its flaws, “I’m Not Going Anywhere” sets the stage for a thrilling season finale with the introduction of new threats and rivalries. The disjointed narrative threads hint at exciting possibilities for the future, promising an action-packed conclusion to Mark’s journey while leaving audiences eager for what comes next.