Best Miracles in Sker Ritual, ranked

Top Miracles in Sker Ritual: A Comprehensive Ranking

In Sker Ritual, the abundance of Miracles offers players a plethora of options to create powerful builds. However, making decisions on which Miracles to prioritize can be challenging due to the sheer variety available. To assist players in navigating this complex system, I have categorized and ranked all the Miracles in Sker Ritual to help you optimize your gameplay experience.

Best Tier 1 Miracles in Sker Ritual

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Equipping five Tier 1 Miracles can significantly enhance your abilities in Sker Ritual. It is important to align these Miracles with specific weapons or items for optimal performance. Instead of a generic tier list, I have ranked the Tier 1 Miracles from best to worst within their respective categories.

All Gun Miracles ranked from best to worst

  • Poison Fire (Nuckelavee) – Inflicts moderate damage over 5 seconds.
  • Frost Fire (Cailleach) – +4% damage, and has a moderate chance to slow enemies by 50%.
  • Fire Strike (Draig) – Burns enemies for ticking damage for a moderate time.
  • Critical Fire (Morrigan) – Increases damage by 5% and Critical Chance by a moderate amount.
  • Speed Fire (Goon Brenn) – Increases fire rate by a moderate amount.
  • Lightning Fire (Taranis) – Small chance to stun enemies for 2 seconds.
  • Solid Shot (Brigid) – Slightly increases weapon damage.
  • Scream Fire (Cyhyraeth) – Increases damage by 3% and reduces enemy damage for 4 seconds.

All Molotov Miracles ranked from best to worst

  • Poison Bomb (Nuckelavee) – Inflicts good ticking damage for 10 seconds with an extended radius.
  • Bomb Boost (Goon Brenn) – Increases Molotov damage by a decent amount.
  • Fire Bomb (Draig) – Extra explosive damage.
  • Phonic Bomb (Cyhyraeth) – Stuns enemies for a small time with extended radius.
  • Thunder Bomb (Taranis) – Stuns enemies for a small time.
  • Ice Bomb (Cailleach) – Slows enemies by a moderate amount for 5 seconds.
  • Health Bomb (Brigid) – Heals allies for 20 health for 10 seconds.
  • Critical Bomb (Morrigan) – Adds moderate critical hit chance for affected enemies.

Best Tier 2 Miracles in Sker Ritual

Full T2 Miracles Sker Ritual
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Only three Tier 2 Miracles can be equipped in Sker Ritual, and these Miracles are not tied to any specific category. Despite their rarity, they can be acquired early in the game, allowing players to benefit from their unique effects.


  • Auto Revive (Brigid) – Killing enemies has a moderate chance of fully healing you.
  • Shield Maiden (Brigid) – Reduces incoming damage moderately and reflects it back to the attacker.


  • Lightning Vengeance (Taranis) – Receiving hits damages the attacker for moderate damage.
  • Ice Skin (Cailleach) – Moderately reduces damage taken.
  • Slice And Dice (Cailleach) – Sliding deals good damage to enemies.
  • Hardened (Brigid) – Increases max health moderately.
  • Time And A Half (Goon Brenn) – Reduces all cooldown times moderately.
  • Right Stunner (Cyhyraeth) – Increases stun durations by a good amount.
  • Toxic (Nuckelavee) – When a poison effect ends, nearby enemies are damaged moderately.

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