How to Get All Weapons

The FFXIV x Yo-Kai Watch Event

The highly-anticipated FFXIV x Yo-Kai Watch Event has made a return, giving players another shot at collecting exclusive weapons and adorable minions. If you missed out last time, fear not – this guide will assist you in obtaining all the event goodies.

Introduction to the FFXIV x Yo-Kai Watch Event

Initially launched by Square Enix in 2015, the FFXIV x Yo-Kai Watch Event is back from April 24, 2024. While Reaper and Sage won’t receive new weapon rewards this time, a new Framer’s Kit has been introduced for players to pursue. The collaboration involves embarking on fated quests and utilizing event-specific minions to gather medals, which can be exchanged for rewards at The Golden Saucer.

How to Participate in the FFXIV x Yo-Kai Watch Event

Participation in the event is open to all, including those on a free trial, provided they are at least level 15 and have completed specific MSQ quests. Interact with The Poor-Heeled Youth near the Aetheryte Plaza in Ul’dah to kick off the event questline and receive your Yo-Kai Watch and Yo-Kai Medallion.

All FFXIV x Yo-Kai Watch Weapons

In total, there are 17 weapons to collect from the Yo-Kai Collab Event, each corresponding to a specific class. To obtain these weapons, players must farm Legendary Medals using designated Yo-Kai minions while completing Fated Quests. Here’s a list of the event-exclusive pets and their associated class weapon rewards:

  • Warrior (Paw of the Crimson Cat) = Jibanyan
  • White Mage (Cane of the Shrine Guardian) = Komasan
  • Bard (Bow of the White Wisp) = Whisper
  • Black Mage (Staff of the Snow Maiden) = Blizzaria
  • Ninja (Twintails of the Flame Fox) = Kyubi
  • … (and more)

Where to Acquire Medals

Medals can be farmed in A Realm Reborn, Stormblood, and Heavensward areas, with specific Legendary Medals obtainable based on the weapon class and quest ratings.

Farming All 17 Yo-Kai Watch Minions

Players looking to collect all 17 Yo-Kai Watch Minions will need to acquire 49 Normal Medals. The process involves efficient farming methods in specific areas to expedite token collection.

Rewards for Collecting All Yo-Kai Watch Minions

In addition to the satisfaction of gathering all 17 minions, players can unlock a Whisper-go mount as a special event reward.

Farming All 17 Yo-Kai Watch Weapons

Collecting all 17 weapons requires careful selection of minions and strategic farming in specific zones related to each weapon class. Legendary Medals have varying drop rates, making the collection process challenging yet rewarding.

Unlocking the New Yo-Kai Watch Framer’s Kit

The coveted Framer’s Kit is available for purchase at the Golden Saucer, requiring players to unlock all 17 Yo-Kai Watch pets to acquire it.

Duration of the Event

The FFXIV x Yo-Kai Watch Event is slated to run until June 26, 2024, offering players ample time to delve into the collaboration and gather all the desired rewards before the Dawntrail expansion launch.