Pixel Ripped 1989 PSVR2 Port Update Given by Arvore

A Pixel Ripped 1989 PSVR2 Port is in the Works

The highly anticipated Pixel Ripped 1995 has just released, and the first trailer for Pixel Ripped 1995 for PSVR2 has been unveiled. However, fans of Pixel Ripped are still eagerly awaiting the release of Pixel Ripped 1989, the first game in the series. Developer Arvore has provided an update on the possibility of a Pixel Ripped 1989 PSVR2 port, shedding light on the development process and the challenges the team faces.

A Pixipped Ripped 1989 PSVR2 Port is Coming Later, Confirms Developer Ana Ribeiro

Ana Ribeiro, the creative director, recently spoke to PlayStation LifeStyle and confirmed that the team does have plans for a Pixel Ripped 1989 PSVR2 port. However, due to limited resources and the current focus on Pixel Ripped 1995, they don’t have enough manpower to work on both titles simultaneously.

Ribeiro explained, “1995 is a newer game, and we have a dedicated team working on it for PSVR2. There’s still some work remaining. It’s not a simple task. However, 1989 is an older project, and dedicating resources to its port would be challenging at this time. We currently don’t have a team working on it. While I cannot provide a specific date, we will definitely work on it in the future because of the demand from our fans.”

According to Ribeiro, she has been particularly interested in revisiting Pixel Ripped 1989 due to the advancements in virtual reality technology, especially in hand tracking. The game has the most potential for improvement, and the developer has been exploring ways to enhance the experience. In a previous Reddit comment from March, the developer mentioned that they were studying the best approach for Pixel Ripped 1989 and promised to share any new developments.

At this time, there is no official release date for Pixel Ripped 1989, and even the release date for Pixel Ripped 1995 for PSVR2 has yet to be announced.