FFXIV – How to Use Limit Break

Limit Break is a powerful ability in Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) that can be shared among party members. It adds an extra layer of strategy and excitement to battles. While melee DPS jobs are generally the ones expected to use Limit Break, there are exceptions to this rule.

To use Limit Break in FFXIV, you need to assign it to your hotbar and treat it like any other ability. However, make sure the Limit Break bar has at least one charge before attempting to use it. To maximize its impact, it’s best to wait until there are three charges on the gauge.

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How to Use Limit Break in FFXIV

Before you can unleash Limit Break in FFXIV, you must first equip it. This will allow you to use it whenever it is charged. However, keep in mind that using it too frequently may not be ideal in every situation. Pay attention to the number of orange-yellow bars under the Limit Break gauge to determine if it’s ready to use.

Unlock Limit Break

Limit Break is available from the beginning of FFXIV. Make sure to equip it on your hotbar under the Actions and Traits section. This section can be accessed through the Character menu (press P) and then selecting General. Remember to drag the Limit Break ability to your hotbar for each specific job you use. Creating saves for quick class switching is recommended to avoid having to re-equip gear and set abilities every time.

Limit Break in Solo-Play

When playing solo in a dungeon with NPCs, it’s generally advisable for DPS jobs to take charge of using Limit Break. If you’re not a DPS job, it’s better to let the NPC DPS utilize it. Save Limit Break for boss encounters as much as possible. In a single-player instance without NPC allies, use Limit Break strategically. Healers and tanks should avoid using it when their health is already full.

Limit Break in PvP

Limit Break functions differently in PvP compared to PvE. The charging time is shorter, so it may not carry as much significance. However, you still have the ability to share it. Avoid using Limit Break immediately after it has cooled down, unless you’re a DPS job and have a clear strategy in mind. However, if it has been charged for a minute and no one else is using it, don’t hesitate to make the most of it.

When to Use Limit Break

The decision of when to use Limit Break in FFXIV depends on your character’s class. Although DPS jobs are the primary users, every class has a purpose for utilizing it.

Limit Break as a Healer

Healers should save Limit Break for emergencies. Avoid using it unless it’s fully charged and most of the team members are down. During tough boss battles, the first two Limit Breaks from healers are used to heal, while the third one can revive the entire team.

Limit Break as a Tank

Tanks rarely use Limit Break, as their primary role is to absorb damage rather than deal damage. Tank Limit Breaks provide the team with a shield, but it’s rarely the optimal use of this ability. There may be rare situations where using Limit Break as a tank is necessary, but it’s usually when the team is unlikely to survive the next incoming attack without it.

Limit Break as a Physical Ranged DPS

Physical Ranged DPS jobs are seldom expected to use Limit Break. Their main contribution lies in dealing AoE damage that travels in a line. It’s generally not recommended to use Limit Break as a physical ranged DPS, especially in high-tier duties. However, there are a few exceptions, such as when wave-clearing in specific raids.

Limit Break as a Magic Ranged DPS

Similar to physical ranged DPS jobs, magic ranged DPS jobs are primarily responsible for dealing damage. Their attacks, however, cover a round area instead of a line. Magic ranged DPS jobs should only use Limit Break if there are no melee DPS jobs present. Exceptions to this rule are extremely rare.

Limit Break as a Melee DPS

Melee DPS jobs excel in utilizing Limit Break and are considered its champions. They have the highest damage output and can often deliver a significant blow that can take down the last 5-15% of a boss’s health. For most bosses that are not ultra-difficult, it’s advisable to use Limit Break as a melee DPS job whenever it’s off cooldown. However, for more challenging bosses, it’s crucial to understand the specific strategy before unleashing Limit Break.

Now that you have a better understanding of how to use Limit Break in FFXIV, you’re ready to make the most of this powerful ability. Share your experiences or any embarrassing Limit Break stories in the comments below!