How to complete Rock the Cradle mission in Payday 3

How to Successfully Complete the Rock the Cradle Mission in Payday 3

If you’re a fan of Payday, you know that there’s more to the game than just bank heists. One of the most exciting locales is the nightclub, particularly in Rock the Cradle. This mission involves breaking into a heavily fortified club. Here’s a guide to help you get the goods and complete the Rock the Cradle mission:

Part 1: Access the VIP Party

To start, interact with the bouncers by the VIP door and they’ll ask for a pass. One method is to lockpick the door to the left of the bar and go upstairs. Make sure to crouch in the corner while lockpicking to avoid detection. Once upstairs, avoid the camera and lockpick the door to Rifkin’s Office. Inside, interact with the QR scanner on the wall to locate and get close to Rifkin.

Part 2: Hack Rifkin’s Phone

Hacking in Payday 3 is simple. Interact with the phone on Rifkin’s belt and stay nearby until the hack is complete. Rifkin may wander into restricted areas, so follow her or wait until she enters public areas. Once the hack is done, return to Rifkin’s office, open the display case, and steal the VIP passes.

Part 3: Authenticate the VIP Passes

The passes are blank, so you’ll need to fill them in. Shade will guide you to the potential laptop locations. Each laptop has an RFID scanner. Place your VIP passes on the laptops, interact with them, and wait for a few moments. If you prefer a stealthy approach, be cautious as the laptops are in private areas.

Part 4: Gain Access to the VIP Party

With the filled-in passes, walk through the VIP doors. You can either steal the Blue Keycard off the guard’s belt from the doorway or follow an alternative guide to obtain it. Be careful not to be spotted by the camera while taking the keycard. Once inside, go down the stairs to join the party.

Part 5: Secure the Red Keycard

In the party room, head to the back where you’ll find several doors. Choose the rightmost one to access the Accounting Office. Mind the camera and search for the Red Keycard in either the safe or on a shelf in the cupboard. With both keycards, you’ll have access to the entire map.

Part 6: Enter the IT Office

To enter the IT Office, pick the lock on the leftmost door in the main room. Be cautious of the camera and proceed to the IT room.

Part 7: Retrieve the Crypto Wallet

The Crypto Wallet is in the IT room, but it’s just out of reach. You can either use the stealthy approach or an aggressive one. For stealth, write down the code and number on the whiteboard and return to the VIP party entrance. Use the Blue Keycard and enter the code to activate the switch. Then, go back to the Accounting Office and interact with the computer to override the Biometric Scanner remotely. Alternatively, you can use an executive as a human shield and force them to use the Biometric Scanner.

Tying Up Loose Ends

Once you have the Crypto Wallet, you can choose to make a getaway or continue to the vault for more cash. Congratulations on completing the Rock the Cradle heist!

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