How to use Precision Shooting in EA Sports FC 24

How to Utilize Precision Shooting in EA Sports FC 24

Enhancements have been made to EA Sports FC 24 with the introduction of Evolutions in Ultimate Team. This feature allows players to upgrade their favorite athletes’ cards throughout the game’s cycle, ensuring they remain viable. Alongside menu improvements and quality of life updates, gameplay has also seen notable additions such as PlayStyles and Precision Passing. While we have already provided a guide on Precision Passing, this article will focus on utilizing the Precision Shooting mechanic in EA Sports FC 24.

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Enabling Precision Shooting

Before delving into the specifics of Precision Shooting, let’s first discuss how to activate this feature in EA Sports FC 24. To do so, navigate to the settings menu and select Gameplay Settings. Within Gameplay Settings, you will find the shooting category located near the top, just below the presets section. Here, you can explore various options, one of which is labeled “Shot Assistance.” The Precision option is available, and the game describes it as follows: “Shot direction will be partially assisted. Aiming at the goal results in more accurate shots and faster ball speeds.”

Here’s the line that shows up when you use this in EA Sports FC 24. Screenshot: PC Invasion

Enabling Precision Shooting in EA Sports FC 24 allows for more accurate aiming towards the goal compared to its passing counterpart. Through my gameplay testing, I found that Precision Shooting provides a level of influence over shot placement, similar to the “Semi” option available for passing. When utilized effectively, Precision Shooting can lead to highly effective shots. However, it’s important to note that the feature still offers some degree of assistance. When preparing to shoot, look for a small line at your player’s feet, which serves as the indicator for Precision Shooting and indicates where your aim is directed.

EA Sports FC 24 is available for purchase on Steam. Be sure to explore our additional articles for more information.