Original The Settlers creator’s Pioneers of Pagonia now has a demo on Steam

If you’ve had your eye on Pioneers of Pagonia, the stunning new city builder from the original designer of The Settlers, Volker Wertich, then there’s some exciting news for you. Prior to its early access launch on December 13th, a demo of the game is now available on Steam.

First announced in February, Pioneers of Pagonia offers a city building adventure set in the enigmatic islands of Pagonia. Players must work strategically to expand their influence and reach among the islands’ inhabitants through tasks such as resource gathering, production, economic expansion, and exploration.

During the early access phase in December, Pioneers of Pagonia will include a selection of its final features, including procedural map generation, over 40 different building types, and more than 70 unique goods with dispersed production chains. Additional features such as co-op play, new buildings, new production chains, and other improvements are slated to be added during the six-month development period leading up to the full 1.0 release.

Pioneers of Pagonia’s in-Game reveal trailer.

The newly launched Steam demo of Pioneers of Pagonia offers three maps for players to explore and exploit as they aim to “build and manage a thriving community of thousands of detailed inhabitants and experience the deep city-building strategy gameplay”.

Accompanying the demo release is an initial roadmap for Pioneers of Pagonia’s early access journey. It outlines upcoming features such as co-op mode, an expanded productivity display, subsurface mining, and the fishing hut, which are expected to be introduced in the first quarter of 2024. The game will be priced at £25.99/€29.99/$29.99 USD when it becomes available on Steam early access on December 13th.