3.5 billion hypercasual games installed in 2023’s third quarter | Pocket Gamer.biz

Hypercasual Game Downloads Decline in Q3 2023

According to the latest report from Appmagic, hypercasual game downloads reached 3.5 billion in the third quarter of 2023. While this figure is impressive, it actually represents an 8% decrease from the 3.8 billion downloads in Q2 2023, and a 12.5% decrease compared to the same period in 2022.

The popularity of hypercasual games has been steadily declining in recent years, with Voodoo’s Alex Shea famously declaring “Hypercasual is dead” at Pocket Gamer Connects London 2023.

Tier-1 East, however, experienced a 7% increase in hypercasual downloads quarter-on-quarter, reaching 113 million. Unfortunately, this growth was not enough to offset the decline observed elsewhere. Tier-1 West saw a 10% decrease to 529 million downloads, while the rest of the world witnessed a 7% decline to 2.8 billion downloads.

Success in Numbers

One standout game in terms of both installs and revenue is My Perfect Hotel. It claimed the title of the world’s most successful hypercasual game of the quarter with 31.5 million downloads and $2.47 million in revenue. With a cumulative revenue per install of $0.06, My Perfect Hotel is the only game among the top ten to exceed the $0.05 mark.

Race Master 3D – Cat Racing came close to My Perfect Hotel’s lead in terms of downloads, with 30.32 million downloads. However, the game generated only $291,341 in revenue, resulting in a revenue per install of just $0.009.

My Perfect Hotel is one of three newcomers to the top 10 charts, joining Magic Piano Tiles:music game in seventh place (23.25 million downloads and $298,492 in revenue) and Twerk Race 3D – Running Game in ninth place (22.71 million downloads and $6,805 in revenue).

AppMagic’s report highlights the absence of specific trends in the top ten games that were inspired by social media, which is considered an oddity. The report also notes an increase in hybridcasual titles and identifies a trend where games that have previously garnered attention are returning to the charts after refining their mechanics and creatives.

Earlier this year, a report by analytics company Diandian recognized My Perfect Hotel as one of Europe’s most downloaded games in August.