How to complete Battle of Fear and Faith in Diablo 4 Season 2

How to Complete Battle of Fear and Faith in Diablo 4 Season 2

Towards the end of Diablo 4 Season 2’s seasonal questline, players have the opportunity to confront Lord Zir’s forces directly. In the quest titled Battle of Fear and Faith, players are tasked with stopping the Blood Harvests that have been occurring throughout Sanctuary. However, this quest can be confusing due to its vague instructions. If you are struggling to complete Battle of Fear and Faith, continue reading to find out how to finish it successfully.

Starting the Quest

After completing the Beckoning Thirst quest, which is the lengthy Bloodseeker hunt halfway through the Season, players will start the Battle of Fear and Faith quest. Upon returning to the Magistrate’s Office and discovering that Erys is missing, the talking skull that was previously awakened will direct players to the Cathedral of Light where Erys has fled. Erys will request that players eliminate as many of Lord Zir’s vampires as possible, and their quest objective will be to seek out and stop the Blood Harvest.

To initiate the quest, open the map and locate the current Blood Harvest event. The section of the map with dark green coloring indicates the active Blood Harvest.

Completing the Quest

To complete Battle of Fear and Faith, players must participate in a Blood Harvest event and kill enemies to fill up the red quest progression bar. The Blood Harvest area is populated with mass-spawning enemies, and players can focus on defeating them or engage in additional activities within the Blood Harvest, such as summoning Bloodseekers or completing Tree of Whispers objectives. By consistently defeating enemies, the quest can be completed in just a few minutes. It’s important to note that completing this quest will not prevent future Blood Harvests from occurring throughout the season.

Additional Requirement: Chapter 3 of the Seasonal Journey

In addition to the Blood Harvest objective, Battle of Fear and Faith also requires players to complete chapter 3 of their seasonal journey to progress further. It’s worth mentioning that after completing the Blood Harvest task, the seasonal journey’s chapter 3 may disappear, even if it hasn’t been finished yet. This is likely a bug that should be taken into account when attempting to fully finish the quest. Players should ensure they complete chapter 3 and claim the corresponding rewards to officially mark its completion.


Upon finishing the quest and reporting back to Erys, players will receive a variety of rewards for their efforts. These rewards include Rare Blood Magus Gloves, a Potent Blood Cache, a random Pact item, and Moonrise Vampiric Power. The Moonrise Vampiric Power is particularly valuable for classes that heavily rely on Basic Skills, such as the Druid or Rogue.

With the Battle of Fear and Faith quest complete, players can now proceed to challenge Lord Zir himself and bring an end to the perpetual night that has taken hold of Sanctuary.