All Spooky Soiree event rewards in Monopoly GO

Spooky Soiree Event in Monopoly GO: Earn Spooktacular Rewards!

Get ready for a hauntingly good time in Monopoly GO with the Spooky Soiree event! With a grand total of 49 tiers of rewards, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into this Halloween.

In this guide, we’ll provide you with all the information you need about the Spooky Soiree event, including how it works and the thrilling rewards up for grabs.

How Does the Spooky Soiree Event Work in Monopoly GO?

Like other milestone events, the Spooky Soiree event revolves around earning points to reach different thresholds and unlock rewards. In this event, landing on any of the corner pieces such as Free Parking, Jail, Visiting Jail, and GO! will earn you +4 Candelabras, which equates to 4 points.

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To maximize your points, it’s essential to have a multiplier active as it multiplies the points you earn. Keep in mind that earning points is dependent on the roll of the dice.

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All Rewards and Milestones for the Spooky Soiree Event in Monopoly GO

Check out the complete list of rewards available in the Spooky Soiree event and the points required to unlock them. Please note that cash rewards vary for each player and are not listed here.

MilestonesRequired PointsRewards
1570 Spooky Car Partners event tokens
21010 free dice rolls

Best Strategies to Win Spooky Soiree Event Rewards

Since earning points is random, there isn’t much you can do to control when you receive them. However, there are a few tips to improve your progress in the event.

Make sure to participate in the Spooky Cars Partner Event, as the first tier of rewards for each car grants 150 dice rolls. Prioritizing these rewards will give you an extra 600 dice rolls, significantly boosting your chances of success.

Additionally, aim to roll with a x10 or x20 multiplier. By claiming all the available free dice and spinning the partner event wheels whenever possible, you can accumulate more free dice and quickly progress through the milestones. With this strategy, I reached milestone 20 in a single sitting!

How Long Does the Spooky Soiree Event Last?

The Spooky Soiree event will run until October 30th — Halloween itself! So, get into the spirit and start earning those rewards. Happy Halloween!

We hope this guide has been helpful to you, fellow mogul. For further assistance with Monopoly GO, don’t hesitate to visit PC Invasion. Happy gaming!