Where to find the four Fantasm Keys in Little Goody Two Shoes

Little Goody Two Shoes: Unlocking the Secrets of the Fantasm Keys

If you’re looking for a game that offers a combination of mystery, romance, exploration, horror, and puzzle-solving, then Little Goody Two Shoes is the perfect choice. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to find the four elusive Fantasm Keys in the game.

Enter the Realm of Nightmares

After a day filled with interactions and occasional flirting, your character finds themselves in an eerie palace, surrounded by flickering candles and an overwhelming sense of unease. This marks the beginning of the Witching Hours, a series of challenging stages that can result in death, regardless of whether it’s a nightmare or not. As you explore the palace, you’ll come across a closed door in the library that can only be opened with the four Fantasm Keys. These keys are scattered across the area, waiting to be discovered.

Image: PC Invasion

Unlocking Fantasm Key #1

The first Fantasm Key can be found by crossing the two bookshelves on the left side. Be careful to avoid the flying blue fire candles that can cause immediate damage. Stepping on the area with red fire candles should also be avoided, but if you accidentally do, running will help you evade damage. The chest containing Fantasm Key #1 is located in the corner of the room beyond the bookshelves.

Little Goody Two Shoes Fantasm Keys 1
Image: PC Invasion

Discovering Fantasm Key #2

Head to the opposite side of the map and pass the bookshelves on the right. Ascend and you’ll come across another chest containing the second Fantasm Key.

Little Goody Two Shoes Fantasm Keys 2
Image: PC Invasion

Unveiling Fantasm Key #3

The next Fantasm Key can be found near the previous one. Simply descend a bit until you can move further to the right. In the top right corner of that section of the room, you’ll spot the next chest. Don’t worry, opening this chest won’t cause any harm.

Little Goody Two Shoes Fantasm Keys 3
Image: PC Invasion

Claiming Fantasm Key #4

The final Fantasm Key is hidden within one of the bookshelves, specifically the bottom left bookshelf among the bookshelves on the right side of the room. Once you have this key in your possession, you’ll be able to escape the room and complete this challenging puzzle section of the game.

Little Goody Two Shoes Fantasm Keys 4
Image: PC Invasion

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Prepare yourself for a series of challenging puzzles throughout the Witching Hours. This is just the beginning, and the subsequent puzzles will only get harder and creepier. Embrace your fears and unravel the mysteries happening all around Elise.