How Brothers in Hell Went from a Dream to Reality

Creating an Immersive Open World for “Brothers in Hell”

Inspired by a dream from 2018, I dedicated myself to bringing that dream to life in the form of a video game. However, the road to releasing my game, “Brothers in Hell,” was filled with challenges and rejections. Nevertheless, I persevered and finally achieved my goal.

A Story of Brothers and Redemption

“Brothers in Hell” follows the story of two close brothers who are killed while trying to protect and free the people of the desert from the Apocalypse Bringers. In a twist of fate, Death gives them the opportunity to return as “Emissaries of their Wish” to fulfill their objective.

An Open World with Boundaries

Developing an open world for a story-driven game presented numerous challenges. I aimed to create an immersive and dynamic environment where players could freely explore while maintaining the integrity of the narrative. It was important to incorporate boundaries that seamlessly blend with the gameplay experience.

Crafting Engaging Narratives

Creating compelling narratives was another significant hurdle. While the main story originated from my dream, I also wanted to incorporate parallel stories that would encourage exploration and the discovery of various subplots within the game world. Drawing inspiration from modern classics, I aimed to tell stories in a souls-like manner, evoking emotional resonance and moral dilemmas.

BiH screenshot

A Stealthy Journey in the Shadows

Inspired by the initial concept of a bullet-hell game, I decided to implement stealth mechanics as a meaningful part of the gameplay experience. By incorporating moments of silence and slowing down the pace, players can have brief moments of relaxation in between intense boss fights.

BiH explosions

Overcoming Setbacks to Achieve the Dream

The journey from the initial idea to the release of “Brothers in Hell” was filled with rejection and setbacks. However, I remained persistent and continuously improved the game based on feedback from friends. Overcoming rejection and using it as motivation for improvement became a defining aspect of the development process.

Character and map concept drawing

An Immersive Blend of Action and