Save True Soul Nere or let him die?

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Save True Soul Nere or Let Him Die?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, there’s a crucial decision to make towards the end of Act One. Inside a room filled with poisonous gas lies Nere, a True Soul. As he clings to life, gnome slaves are desperately trying to clear the rubble. You have two options: find a way to remove the rubble and save Nere, or leave him to die. This article will discuss the pros and cons of both choices.

Save True Soul Nere

Once you arrive at Grymforge in the Underdark, you’ll encounter a timed quest involving Nere. You can either save him from the rubble or leave and return later to find him dead. The quest concludes with Nere asking for freedom through his Mind Flayer telepathic abilities.

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Saving Nere has consequences, especially if you’re playing a good-natured character. Once you find explosives to clear the rubble, Nere becomes hostile towards the gnome slaves. He even threatens them by throwing one of them back. Defying Nere will trigger a difficult fight against him and his allies. If you’re ill-prepared, this battle can prove to be a significant challenge due to the numerous enemies involved.

Personally, my level four character was not ready to face Nere and his allies. After several unsuccessful attempts, I regretfully decided to abandon the fight. Although I wanted to defeat everyone in the area, it proved to be an arduous task. If you manage to overcome the odds and emerge victorious, you can convince Brithvar to free the gnomes, resulting in a successful quest.

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Let Him Die

Alternatively, you can choose not to save True Soul Nere and continue with other quests. Upon your return, you’ll find that everyone has left, Nere has died, and the rubble has been cleared. However, you have the opportunity to loot Nere’s belongings, which can be quite plentiful. In general, saving Nere is recommended if you’re playing an evil character or attempting to deceive others by appearing as a follower of The Absolute. Otherwise, if you feel ready for the challenging fight, it’s worth taking on. Of course, running away and leaving Nere to die is also an option.

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