How to Get MUT Coins Fast in Madden 24

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Guide to Earning MUT Coins Fast in Madden 24

EA Sports and Ultimate Team are a perfect combination, just like chocolate and peanut butter. But if you’re prone to burnout and want to earn rewards quickly, there are ways to do so without spending a fortune. I’m here to show you how to get MUT coins fast in Madden 24.


If you’re familiar with FIFA Ultimate Team, you’ll find that Madden Ultimate Team is quite similar. In both games, coins are essential. To earn them, you’ll need to play a lot. However, grinding through games is not the only way to earn coins. Challenges offer players the chance to earn various MUT rewards, including coins, XP, and specialty items. Daily challenges are always available, providing a consistent way to earn coins.

Leveling up With Seasons & Field Pass

Last year, Field Pass was introduced as the MUT progression system in Madden 24, and it continues to serve that purpose. With 61 levels to conquer in Season 1, Field Pass offers plenty of opportunities to earn coins. As you progress, you’ll receive packs, players, and collectible tokens. Some levels even reward you with 10,000 coins. That’s a substantial amount to boost your team.

Auction on the Marketplace or Quick Sell Cards

While most player-specific rewards through Field Pass are untradable, if you buy packs with MUT coins, you can auction off or quick sell those players. It’s unlikely that you’ll strike gold with every pack opening, but quick selling a few early on will give you a solid coin foundation to work with.

Daily Solo Battles

MUT has its version of Squad Battles called Solo Battles. Each day, you can play up to four teams at a difficulty of your choice. The teams refresh daily, and quarters are only three minutes long. Simply participating will earn you XP and coins, but winning will give you even more rewards. Winning on higher difficulties will yield even greater coin rewards.

So, there you have it. There are several ways to earn MUT coins fast in Madden 24. The key is to play the game frequently. And while you’re busy doing that, don’t forget to check back here for more Madden 24 coverage.

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