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Genshin Impact’s Third Anniversary: A Shift in Priorities?

It has been three years since Genshin Impact made its debut, captivating the gaming industry with its innovative gameplay and stunning visuals. As miHoYo’s flagship game and breakout hit, one would expect the third anniversary to be filled with grand celebrations…

However, the atmosphere of jubilation seems rather subdued.

Feeling Festive?

Alongside this year’s anniversary, players can look forward to the Version 4.1 update, which introduces a map expansion in Fontaine, the return of the beloved character Venti, and various rewards such as Primogems and Fragile Resins. However, many fans have expressed disappointment with the lackluster rewards, as they are similar to those offered in the previous year. Additionally, there is no new profile background, and there is a noticeable emphasis on selling bundles rather than providing free content to celebrate the occasion.

On the social media front, miHoYo is hosting a Primogems giveaway by encouraging fans to share their favorite tracks from the game’s soundtrack using the hashtag #GenshinParty3rd. This clever promotional campaign mirrors the upcoming campaign for miHoYo’s Honkai: Star Rail.

Compared to other gacha games that go all out with extravagant anniversary celebrations, the recycled content and lack of enthusiasm surrounding Genshin Impact’s anniversary is rather perplexing. However, miHoYo’s recent success with Honkai: Star Rail cannot be ignored.

After Honkai: Star Rail’s record-breaking launch with 20 million downloads in a single day and $500 million in revenue within months, the modest anniversary of Genshin Impact may indicate a shift in priorities for miHoYo. In fact, Genshin Impact’s monthly revenue dropped by 38.6% when Star Rail was released, while the new title nearly tripled its revenue.

However, it is highly unlikely that miHoYo, one of the top 50 game makers, would completely abandon Genshin Impact. The game has surpassed Pokémon Go in reaching the coveted $1 billion milestone and has generated $3.6 billion in revenue by its second anniversary. Genshin Impact remains a lucrative endeavor even if miHoYo’s focus has shifted elsewhere.

It remains to be seen whether Honkai: Star Rail will receive a grand celebration for its six-month anniversary later this month. Perhaps its success will serve as a turning point for miHoYo’s future plans and the way anniversaries are celebrated across their games.