The Voice Cast of Detective Pikachu Returns

Extensive Voice Acting Sets Detective Pikachu Returns Apart from Other Pokémon Spin-Offs

When it comes to Pokémon spin-off games, Detective Pikachu and its sequel, Detective Pikachu Returns, stand out from the crowd by offering a unique feature: extensive voice acting. From the charismatic and coffee-addicted Detective Pikachu himself to the diverse cast of citizens and Pokémon in Ryme City, Detective Pikachu Returns oozes charm and personality. In this article, we take a closer look at the talented voice cast behind the game and their previous notable work.

1. Detective Pikachu — Kaiji Tang

In Detective Pikachu Returns, the iconic character of Detective Pikachu is voiced by Kaiji Tang. Although fans of the live-action movie may be more familiar with Ryan Reynolds’ portrayal, Tang has been the voice of Detective Pikachu in the video game since its original release in 2018. Tang is also recognized for his roles as Ichiban Kasuga in the Yakuza/Like A Dragon series, Bill in Beastars, Satoru Gojo in Jujutsu Kaisen, Guts in Berserk (2016), and Sub-Zero in Mortal Kombat 11.

2. Tim Goodman — Khoi Dao


In Detective Pikachu Returns, Khoi Dao continues to lend his voice to the character of Tim Goodman. Due to the game’s two-year time skip, Tim appears older but still sports his iconic red hoodie. Genshin Impact players may recognize Khoi Dao as the voice of Albedo, while Fire Emblem enthusiasts might be familiar with his portrayal of Kagetsu in Fire Emblem Engage. Dao has also played roles in anime such as Lupin the 3rd: Part VI, Demon Slayer, Kuroko’s Basketball, and Pokémon Journeys.

For the full list of voice actors featured in Detective Pikachu Returns, including Rachel Myers, Howard Myers, Irene Goodman, Sophia Goodman, Will Butler, and other supporting characters, please refer to the original article.

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