Honkai Star Rail: Best Guinaifen team comps

Honkai Star Rail: Best Team Compositions for Guinaifen

Image: HoYoverse

Guinaifen, a new 4-star Fire character in Honkai Star Rail, is making waves with her debuffing capabilities and damage-over-time effects. As a Fire Nihility character, Guinaifen specializes in applying the “Burn” damage-over-time effect on enemies. While damage-over-time may be a unique approach to dealing damage, Guinaifen excels in this niche. In this guide, we’ll explore the best team compositions to maximize Guinaifen’s potential in Honkai Star Rail.

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Guinaifen is a 4-star Fire Nihility character known for her damage-over-time abilities. While some Nihility characters focus on debuffing enemy teams, Guinaifen’s main strength lies in applying damage-over-time effects and increasing enemy damage through her “Burn” status ailment. Although she does possess some debuffing potential, Guinaifen’s ability to inflict Firekiss, a unique status ailment that amplifies enemy damage, sets her apart from other characters.

Best Team Compositions

As a damage-over-time character, Guinaifen thrives in specific team compositions. To fully harness her potential, it’s important to select teammates that synergize well with Guinaifen. Here are some characters that work exceptionally well alongside Guinaifen:

  • Kafka: Kafka is an obvious choice for a teammate due to her synergy with damage-over-time characters in Honkai Star Rail. As the number of damage-over-time appliers increases, Kafka’s strength grows. With Guinaifen’s ability to apply Burn and Firekiss, Kafka can deal incredibly high amounts of damage.
  • Sampo: Sampo is another Nihility character focused on damage-over-time effects. His Ultimate ability enhances the damage of a damage-over-time effect. Combining Sampo and Guinaifen in a team centered around applying damage-over-time can yield impressive results. However, both characters require a substantial investment in skill points, so it’s recommended to pair them with supports like Tingyun, Pela, or Luocha, who can generate skill points quickly.
  • Asta and Fire DPS Units: This team composition thrives as more Fire DPS characters are introduced to the game. Asta has the ability to boost the overall Fire damage of her team, making her an excellent choice for a Fire-focused lineup. While the number of Fire DPS characters is limited at the moment, this team’s potential will grow as new units are added.

Considering these recommendations, here are some example team compositions to consider:

  • Guinaifen / Kafka / Sampo / Luocha
  • Guinaifen / Kafka / Luka / Luocha
  • Guinaifen / Asta / Himeko or Hook / Luocha

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