How To Get the I Tried So Hard And Got So Far Achievement in Slay the Princess

Experience the Morally Ambiguous World of Slay the Princess

Slay the Princess has captured the attention of narrative story game enthusiasts with its morally ambiguous gameplay and multiple endings. This dark fantasy game allows players to make choices that completely alter the story, resulting in a thrilling and unpredictable journey.

A Mysterious Quest

The game begins with your character entering a desolate cabin, armed only with a knife, and descending into the basement where the Princess awaits. Known simply as the Princess, she has lost her own name, making the narrative even more intriguing. The Narrator, your enigmatic guide, instructs you to slay the Princess, setting the stage for a series of fateful decisions that shape the course of the game.

Unlocking the Coveted “I Tried So Hard And Got So Far” Achievement

Image: Black Tabby Games

For those aiming to unlock the coveted “I Tried So Hard And Got So Far” achievement in Slay the Princess, here’s what you need to do. Your first crucial step is to deviate from the expected path of slaying the Princess and instead attempt to rescue her. This means defying the Narrator’s instructions and taking matters into your own hands. However, be prepared for the Narrator’s resistance as he tries to regain control and enforce the original directive to eliminate the Princess.

Next, remain silent and refrain from warning the Princess or resisting the Narrator’s influence. Allow the Narrator to seize control of your body and carry out the killing of the Princess. This requires a change of heart from your initial rescue attempt. While this decision may be challenging, remember that the Narrator believes the Princess is a destructive force capable of annihilating the entire world. In the grand scheme of things, sacrificing one royal highness for the greater good may be justified.

Discovering the Ultimate Ending: “The Good Ending”

Slay the Princess offers multiple endings, each with its own level of success for your character and the Princess, depending on whether you sided with her against the Narrator’s wishes. In my personal opinion, the most satisfying conclusion is appropriately named “The Good Ending.” In this ending, you enter the cabin, retrieve the knife, and swiftly slay the Princess upon encountering her. Resist the Voice of the Hero, which urges self-harm, and resist the temptation to check if the Princess is truly deceased or retrieve your weapon from her lifeless body. Remember, fortune favors the bold. SLAY. THE. PRINCESS!

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