Should you investigate the Previously Flooded Area in Alan Wake 2?

Should You Investigate the Previously Flooded Area in Alan Wake 2?

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During the later stages of the Heart chapter in Alan Wake 2, you’ll have the option to accept the optional task “Investigate the Previously Flooded Area.” This task may not affect the main storyline, but it can be highly beneficial for you to accept it and explore the area. In this guide, we’ll provide all the details you need to know about this optional task.

Why Should You Investigate the Previously Flooded Area?

Upon encountering Alan Wake and Alex Casey in the Return 3 chapter, you’ll receive an optional task to investigate the previously flooded area in Cauldron Lake. While you can choose to ignore this side mission, it’s highly recommended that you accept it due to the valuable rewards it offers.

Initially, certain parts of Cauldron Lake are inaccessible due to flooding. However, as the game progresses, the flood will recede, granting you access to the previously flooded area. Exploring this area will reward you with Alex Casey Lunchboxes, Manuscripts, Cult Stashes, Nursery Rhymes, and various puzzles that provide resources and useful items.

How to Investigate the Previously Flooded Area

Start the optional mission by making your way to the Witchfinders Station on the northwestern side of Cauldron Lake. Once there, head upstairs and investigate the two documents on the table inside a room. Afterward, return to the parking lot and meet Alex Casey to complete the optional task.

The previously flooded area is filled with puzzles, offering the opportunity to obtain valuable resources and weapons. Take your time to explore the entire area, collecting manuscripts, Alex Casey Lunchboxes, Nursery Rhymes, and more. Solve the puzzles and gather the collectibles to make the most out of this location.

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