Baldur’s Gate 3’s Xbox release date has been confirmed, leak suggests

Baldur’s Gate 3 Coming to Xbox on 6th December 2023

According to renowned leaker eXtas1s, the highly anticipated release of Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox is slated for 6th December 2023, provided that playtests proceed as planned. eXtas1s has a strong track record of accurately predicting release dates before official announcements, having previously leaked the release date of Forza Motorsport. While this information should be taken with a grain of salt until confirmed, fans eagerly awaiting the Xbox version may want to consider scheduling some time off in early December, just in case.

24 Things In Baldur’s Gate 3 You Missed (Even If You Played It) – BALDUR’S GATE 3 SECRETS + DETAILS.

The Baldur’s Gate 3 community has recently discovered an intriguing way to recruit an evil companion during a good playthrough by transforming her into a sheep. This unexpected twist adds a unique dynamic to the game, showcasing players’ creativity and exploration of different paths.

Earlier this week, Patch 4 was released for Baldur’s Gate 3, bringing numerous improvements to the game. The update is so substantial that it has exceeded Steam’s text limit. Notable enhancements include the ability to customize the appearance of hirelings when recruiting them and the addition of a color blind mode, catering to a wider range of players and ensuring a more inclusive gaming experience.