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Thanksgiving Opens in Theaters This Weekend

Eli Roth’s new film, Thanksgiving, is a nod to classic holiday-horror films with a twisted, tongue-in-cheek approach. The opening shot misleads the viewer into thinking it’s a dangerous home invasion, paying homage to Halloween and Black Christmas, before diving into its own unique storyline.

Roth first introduced the premise in a mock trailer during 2007’s Grindhouse double feature. Fast forward to today, and Thanksgiving is now a real movie, with a modern twist that appeals to fans of horror films like Scream, all while maintaining Roth’s signature dark humor.

Thanksgiving Gallery

The story unfolds in Plymouth, Massachusetts, a year after a tragic Black Friday event at a Walmart-like superstore. A killer, disguised in pilgrim garb, begins seeking revenge on those he holds responsible for the tragedy, employing creative and gruesome methods to carry out his mission.

The film delivers its fair share of grisly violence, blending shock comedy with classic horror elements. The suspense builds up with a few unexpected cat-and-mouse encounters, showcasing Roth’s talent for keeping the audience on edge.

While the characters fit into typical slasher stereotypes, Roth’s filmography has always skewed towards a mean-spirited approach, and Thanksgiving is no exception. However, unlike some of his previous work, this movie avoids cultural commentary and instead focuses on providing a classic slasher experience with a darkly comedic twist.

Roth’s Signature Style

“Roth has a wicked talent for drawing your attention to one vulnerable body part, only to wreak havoc on another.”

Thanksgiving is not trying to make a deep statement or push any cultural boundaries. Instead, it offers a nostalgic, gleefully gruesome experience for fans of classic slasher films. This holiday season, it’s a reminder that horror can be both fun and chilling without taking itself too seriously.