All Monopoly GO Blessed Feast Rewards And Milestones List

All Blessed Feast Monopoly GO Milestones & Rewards List

It is the feast time, Monopoly Go has come up with yet another unique event called Blessed Feast. The Dice Rolls, Sticker Packs, Booster, and Cash you get from this are extremely good. And with so many delicious rewards to gobble down, getting curious about the milestone is a given. Thus, we have made the list of levels, required points, and rewards right here. Check them and aim for the best.

If you have no idea how events like Blessed Feast work, we have also covered that in the following guide. So, you will not only learn to make points but also know the fastest method of scoring. So without further ado, let us check out the rewards list and scoring method.

All Blessed Feast Monopoly GO Milestones & Rewards
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There are a total of 42 milestones in this event, giving you thousands of Dice Rolls and different rewards. The event started on November 17th, 2023 at 10 AM EST and will end on November 19th, 2023 at 10 AM EST.

With that said, let us not waste any more time and jump to the Monopoly Go Blessed Feast milestones and rewards list:

Milestone LevelRequired PointsRewards
21010 Dice Rolls

How the “Blessed Feast” Event Works

How the Blessed Feast Event WorksHow the Blessed Feast Event Works
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Scoring is pretty simple in this event, you just have to collect Turkey Tokens as you can see in the picture. Every time you land on the tile with the token, you score Turkey Points. The value of each is 2 points, but I got 10 Turkeys because I used x5 Multiplier. Aiming to score big with Multiplier is faster, but risky. Depending on the amount of Dice, you can either go slow or take the chance to complete milestones in one go. And there is always the option of farming Dice Rolls with our linked guide.

Now, let’s talk about token placement. Such event Tokens are mostly placed two on each side. But sometimes due to Rent Tokens and Shield, one side will have three Tokens, and the adjacent will have one. Apart from that, these Tokens are usually on property tiles and not utility. Which makes the range of targets smaller and easier. Also, landing on utility is not bad itself, the Gravy Train tournament needs you to land on Railways.

That’s all for the Monopoly GO Blessed Feast Event milestones and rewards list. If you found this guide and tips helpful, do check out our Monopoly GO section. We cover the event and tournaments, as fast as we can.