Destiny 2 – What Are the Best Crafted Weapons?

Top Crafted Weapons in Destiny 2

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the vast number of craftable weapons in Destiny 2? If you’re looking for the best weapons to add to your loadouts but don’t know where to start, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular and powerful crafted weapons that Destiny 2 has to offer, along with information on where to find Deepsight Resonant versions of these weapons to unlock their Patterns.

What Are the Best Crafted Weapons in Destiny 2?

Ever since the Enclave was introduced in the Which Queen Expansion, Guardians have been theory crafting the best rolls for every craftable weapon. While personal preferences for Perk selection may vary, this list is a great starting point for building a reliable arsenal of weapons for your Destiny 2 gameplay. If you’re new to weapon crafting, we recommend checking out our comprehensive “How To Craft Weapons” guide before diving in. Without further ado, here are some of the top weapons you should consider crafting in Destiny 2:

Rufus’s Fury

If you’re looking for a formidable auto rifle, Rufus’s Fury is a fantastic choice. This all-around weapon can be found in the Root of Nightmares Raid, which offers several excellent craftable weapons. The god roll for Rufus’s Fury consists of Reconstruction and Target Lock, which increases your damage the longer you shoot an enemy and reload your weapon after stowing it away. Additionally, the Hatchling perk is great for add clearing.

BxR-55 Battler

Modeled after the iconic Battle Rifle from Halo, the BxR-55 Battler is a beloved choice among Pulse Rifle users. Its unique Frame and impressive Perk pool set it apart. Your best chance of getting this weapon is by farming Dares of Eternity for red-boarders, but be aware that the drop chance is quite low. The ideal roll for the BxR-55 Battler features Demolitionist and Incandescent, giving you extra grenade energy on kills while applying Scorch to nearby enemies. This Pulse Rifle works particularly well with Solar subclass Loadouts, as it can stack up Scorch efficiently.

Mykel’s Reverence

Mykel’s Reverence is one of the few Sidearms in the game that comes with the Strand element. This exceptional primary weapon boasts a high rate of fire and a versatile Perk pool, making it perfect for add clearing. You can find Mykel’s Reverence in the Root of Nightmares Raid, which makes it one of the easiest Side Arms to acquire. The god roll for this weapon includes Rewind Rounds and Hatchling, partially reloading the magazine for you while summoning Threadlings to assist in clearing enemies.

Nation of Beasts

Hand Cannons have received a decent buff in the Season of the Witch, leading many players to seek out good PVE rolls. The Nation of Beasts can be farmed in the Last Wish Raid, which is known for its wide selection of craftable weapons. This Hand Cannon stands out with Dragonfly and Volt Shot in its roll, causing explosions on precision kills and jolting nearby targets. These Perks make Nation of Beasts one of the best non-Exotic add clear Hand Cannons available in the game.

Calus Mini-Tool

If you’re in the market for a Solar SMG, look no further than the Calus Mini-Tool. While this weapon hails from an older Season and is not easily farmable, it’s worth keeping an eye out for it from Xur and Banshee. To obtain the Pattern, you’ll need a Deepsight Harmonizer. The standout Perk combination for the Calus Mini-Tool is Unrelenting and Incandescent. Solar builds will greatly benefit from the powerful synergy created by these Perks.


Grenade Launchers with Wave Frame have made a significant impact in Destiny 2, effectively clearing hordes of enemies with a single shot. Forbearance takes the lead in this archetype thanks to its exceptional Perk options. You can obtain Forbearance from the Vow of the Disciple Raid. To maximize its potential, aim for a roll that includes Ambitious Assassin and Chain Reaction. This combination allows you to load multiple grenades at once while causing massive explosions upon kills, further increasing the potency of this Wave Frame Grenade Launcher.


Slug Shotguns are excellent choices for dealing high DPS, making them valuable for clearing Major enemies and engaging in close-quarter battles with Bosses. The highly sought-after Heritage Shotgun drops from the Deep Stone Crypt Raid and ranks among the best Slug Shotguns in the game. When aiming for a roll, prioritize Reconstruction and Recombination. These Perks overflow your magazine, reload your weapon during DPS phases, and increase your damage after getting kills with elemental damage.


Also obtainable from the Deep Stone Crypt Raid, the Succession is a fantastic Sniper Rifle for dealing devastating DPS to Major enemies. Unlike the Heritage, this Sniper Rifle is ideal for long-range DPS phases. The go-to rolls for the Succession include Reconstruction and Vorpal Weapon, granting you increased magazine size and enhanced boss damage. If you plan to engage enemies near your Fireteam, you might also consider the Firing Line Perk.


Another excellent weapon from the Deep Stone Crypt Raid, the Commemoration Machine Gun offers a lot of versatility. It is easily farmable, features a sturdy Frame, and boasts a massive Perk pool. The recommended god roll includes Reconstruction and Killing Tally. With Reconstruction, you’ll almost double your magazine capacity, while Killing Tally enables you to quickly increase your damage. Other notable Perks to consider include Rampage, Dragonfly, and Incandescent.


Linear Fusion Rifles have become a popular choice for clearing General Major enemies and dealing boss damage. While there are several decent options available, the Cataclysmic takes the top spot. You can farm this weapon in the Vow of the Disciple Raid, which makes it even more appealing. The combination of Fourth Time’s the Charm and Bait and Switch turns this weapon into a DPS machine, allowing you to fire shot after shot without needing to reload. Bait and Switch increases your damage by 35% after dealing damage with your other two weapons, making it an excellent Perk to build your damage rotation around.

The Other Half

While there aren’t many outstanding options for craftable Swords, The Other Half stands out as a special case. Don’t expect to utilize this weapon for DPS or clearing adds. Instead, The Other Half is perfect for speeding through Destiny 2. It drops from Dares of Eternity, and while it’s a rare drop, you only need one to unlock the Pattern. The Eager Edge Perk allows you to lunge a significant distance shortly after swapping to your Sword, which, when combined with other movement abilities, can help you traverse vast distances. The Origin Trait Hot Swap enables you to quickly equip this weapon when in danger, facilitating a swift escape.

Apex Predator

It should come as no surprise that Apex Predator makes this list. Since the introduction of Bait and Switch, Guardians have been on the hunt for a Rocket Launcher that fully utilizes this powerful Perk. Apex Predator, farmable in the Last Wish Raid, is considered one of the easiest and highest DPS Rocket Launchers to obtain in the game. What sets this weapon apart is the combination of Reconstruction and Bait and Switch, both of which appear on many of the top DPS weapons in Destiny 2. Having them together on a Rocket Launcher is nothing short of exceptional. Make sure to farm Last Wish when it’s in rotation!

These are the top crafted weapons you should consider adding to your arsenal in Destiny 2 to enhance your gameplay experience. Whether you’re looking for reliable primaries, devastating secondaries, or powerful heavy weapons, there’s something for every Guardian on this list. Get out there and start crafting!