How Magic Works in Lords of the Fallen

The Magic System in Lords of the Fallen: A Guide

In Lords of the Fallen, players have the option to choose between different playstyles when it comes to combat. While you can go the traditional hack-and-slash route, there is also a rewarding alternative: magic. In this article, we will explore how magic works in the game and provide some helpful tips for players.

The Three Types of Spells in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen features three types of spells: Radiant, Infernal, and Umbral. To draw a comparison for Dark Souls fans, Infernal spells are similar to Pyromancy, Radiant spells are akin to Blessings, and Umbral spells are comparable to Sorcery. However, there are differences between the spell systems in both games.

To elaborate, each class of spells offers a different playstyle, and each catalyst can only cast one type of spell. This means that players will need to stick to one school of magic for maximum effectiveness.

The Radiant school of spells provides a larger selection of healing and buffing spells, as well as offensive spells.

The Infernal school of spells focuses on destructive attacks and applies burning and fire damage to enemies for heightened damage.

The Umbral school of spells offers a middle ground between the other two and mostly applies wither damage to enemies.

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While it is possible to multiclass these schools, it’s important to note that they scale with different attributes. Radiant spells scale with the Radiance attribute, Infernal spells scale with the Inferno attribute, and Umbral spells scale with both the Radiance and Inferno attributes. As a result, becoming extremely powerful in any one school, except Umbral, is challenging.

Engaging in Magical Combat

Whether you have chosen a specific school or are experimenting with different spells, it’s essential to understand how to engage in magical combat.

Firstly, you need to have your Radiant and/or Inferno attributes at a sufficiently high level to wield the appropriate catalyst and cast spells. The more powerful the spell, the higher the required attribute level.

As you progress in the game, you will easily come across an Umbral and Radiant catalyst. However, finding an Infernal catalyst may be more difficult, although one of the classes starts with one.

In your inventory, equip the catalyst into your ranged slot and select the spells you wish to use in the available grids. Different catalysts offer varying numbers of slots for spells.

Umbral Catalyst In Lords Of The Fallen
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Similar to equipping a ranged weapon, select the catalyst and hold the appropriate button to use it. On the bottom right of your screen, you will see each equipped spell and the corresponding button for casting. Simply lock-on to a target and unleash your magic.

Keep in mind that casting spells consumes mana. You can increase your mana by investing in your Radiance and Inferno stats. It’s advisable to stockpile consumables that restore mana, especially for magic-heavy encounters. Certain enemies may drop these consumables if you grind for them.

We hope this guide has provided you with valuable insights into the magic system in Lords of the Fallen. May your journey as a Lamp Bearer be successful! For more tips and assistance with Lords of the Fallen, visit PC Invasion.