Watery Lighthouse Cult Stash Combination Code

How to Open the Watery Lighthouse Cult Stash in Alan Wake 2

If you’re playing Alan Wake 2 and want to unlock the Cult Stashes scattered around the map, you may encounter some difficulty with the Watery Lighthouse Cult Stash. Finding the symbols to open the lock can be a challenge, but don’t worry! This guide will provide you with a complete walkthrough to successfully open the Watery Lighthouse Cult Stash in Alan Wake 2.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

To unlock the Cult Stash in Watery Lighthouse, you first need to find the symbols to enter into the lock. These symbols are scattered around the Cult Stash area and may require some searching. Once you reach the Cult Stash, take out your torch and look for luminous signs that read I, II, and III. These signs indicate the order in which you should enter them to unlock the Cult Stash.

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Around the Lighthouse Cult Stash, you’ll find various signs, but not all of them are helpful. Focus only on the signs with luminous writings. The I symbol can be found on the edge of the cliff near the Cult Stash. Shine your flashlight around the cliff area, and you’ll soon come across the first lock symbol.

The II symbol is the easiest to find. Look around with your torch, and you’ll spot two triangles hanging on a rock. The rock itself has II written on it, and the three triangles resemble the second symbol you need to input.

The III symbol, the last one, is located right beside the Cult Stash. On your right side, you’ll see two triangles hanging on a tree with a large rock behind them. Look at the rock, and you’ll find III written on it, indicating the third and final symbol you need to enter to unlock the Watery Lighthouse Cult Stash in Alan Wake 2.

Watery Lighthouse Cult Stash Rewards
Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you prefer not to spend time searching for the symbols yourself, here are the symbols and their order to unlock the Cult Stash:

  • First: Two triangles on top of each other pointing downwards.
  • Second: Two triangles on top of each other, pointing upwards. This is the default symbol, so no changes are needed here.
  • Third: Two triangles side-by-side pointing downwards.

Once you successfully unlock the Watery Lighthouse Cult Stash in Alan Wake 2, you will receive a propane tank, some ammo, and a pack of arrows as rewards.

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