Review – Detective Pikachu Returns (Switch)

The Return of Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachu Returns marks the second game in the Detective Pikachu series, following the original release on the Nintendo 3DS in 2016. With the release of a film and promise of a sequel, fans have eagerly anticipated the return of the beloved Pokémon detective.

Playing as Detective Pikachu, who has lost his memories after being separated from his partner Harry Goodman, players embark on a journey to solve the disappearance of Harry. The game takes place in Ryme City and introduces Tim Goodman, Harry’s son, who conveniently can understand Pikachu’s speech. The game’s mix of small mysteries, point-and-click mechanics, and button mashing provides an enjoyable experience, catered to both younger and older audiences.

While the game’s ease and linearity may be seen as drawbacks for some, the enjoyable story and charming interactions between characters and Pokémon make it a comforting and engaging experience. The game also presents an opportunity for fans of all ages to explore the Pokémon world without the need for violent confrontation.

Despite the lackluster amount of puzzles and somewhat unremarkable gameplay, Detective Pikachu Returns remains accessible and enjoyable for Pokémon fans, both old and new. With a detailed and familiar aesthetic, the game showcases a variety of Pokémon, and the interactions between Pikachu and other Pokémon are portrayed in an endearing manner.

Graphically, Detective Pikachu Returns maintains the charming and detailed aesthetics of previous Pokémon games, offering a visually pleasing experience for players. The music and sound further enhance the game, with ambient tunes that immerse players in the world of Detective Pikachu Returns.

Although an enjoyable game, Detective Pikachu Returns may lack long-term value due to its short length and linearity. While it may appear to be a steep investment, the Pokémon branding and delightful interactions between characters and Pokémon make it a worthwhile experience for fans.

A Nintendo Switch code was provided by Nintendo